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  • Sherine Zwaga

Mini Branding Story photo shoot: Your authentic entrepreneurial story in images by storytelling branding photographer Sher

On February 23, 2024, the long-awaited Mini Branding Story photoshoot of Sher Takes Care took place in a beautiful tea garden in Weesp, Theetuin NOOT . As a storytelling branding photographer, I invited entrepreneurs to portray their stories in this unique setting. These Mini Branding Stories were designed to capture the essence of every entrepreneur, from creative freelancers to energetic trainers.

Storytelling branding photographer creates authentic entrepreneurial portraits

The special thing about this photo shoot was the emphasis on authenticity. Every entrepreneur has a unique story, and my job was to tell it in a visual way. Before the photo shoot, I conducted deep-dive conversations with each participant to discover their core values and sources of inspiration. This created a strong basis for the visual story we wanted to tell.

A serene tea garden: The ideal location for entrepreneurial photography

The location of the photo shoot, a serene tea garden , provided an ideal setting for these entrepreneurial portraits. Even though it was still winter, the quiet atmosphere provided a relaxing environment in which entrepreneurs felt comfortable. It was a perfect backdrop to spotlight the entrepreneurs and highlight their unique stories.

"What an experience. I thought: just a branding shoot. But Sherine made it much more than that. With a lot of interest and curiosity, she really knows how to connect and photograph you with all your vulnerability. Yourself as you are real, so that you really recognize yourself in the photos, and also feel your most beautiful." Ronja

Preparation and experience are the key to success.

To ensure that the photo series perfectly matched the story of each entrepreneur, I had each participant create a moodboard. These moodboards offered a glimpse into their creative minds and helped me as a photographer to better understand their personality and vision. This collaboration allowed us to create photos that truly reflected the unique character of each entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur had his own story. From a remote working marketing freelancer to an energetic trainer and masseuse to a conscious hypnotherapist . Every entrepreneur is welcome to tell his story in front of my camera. I try to listen to everyone's unique wishes. I do this by asking in-depth questions and light-hearted assignments so that the photos have a natural look.

Young woman scrolling through her Instagram feed on her iPhone with her laptop in the background
To strengthen your story, I also take detailed shots

Collaborate for spontaneous and authentic entrepreneurial portraits

The photo shoot was all about collaboration and open communication. By creating a relaxed atmosphere in which entrepreneurs could share their ideas, spontaneous moments and authentic images were created. The result? Entrepreneurial portraits that are as unique as the people who stood before them.

Inspiring stories in images: The importance of storytelling branding photography

I am extremely proud of what we achieved during the Mini Branding Story photoshoot. It was a day full of inspiration, creativity and connection. Because ultimately that is what it is all about: telling stories that move and inspire. I look forward to organizing another Mini Branding Story day and having new entrepreneurs in front of my camera.

Adventurous entrepreneur looks at the winter scenes outside from a warm coffee shop
The look in your eyes tells your entrepreneurial story

Will you participate in the next Mini Branding Story photoshoot?

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to tell your story during the next Mini Branding Story day? Or would you like to know more about my branding story offer ? Send me an email ( ) or keep an eye on my social media for all the latest news.

Freshly brewed cappuccino with beautiful late art is held by the barista in a tea garden in Weesp
A cup of coffee first is also possible!

Love, Sher


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