My story

Sher the storyteller 

As you may have already noticed, I am the kind of person who captures every special moment of the day from different perspectives. Using the various moments and emotions throughout a day, they together create a complete story. Well, that sounds like me, because I love telling stories both in words and visuals.

My interest in different types of photography is because I love a lot of different things about life, where everything has its own story. I'm like a chameleon; put me in a new and unknown place and I will find a way to fit in perfectly. 


With my background in hospitality & events, I know exactly how to pamper people on a special day or moment. I have a listening ear to really hear who you are and to think with you to fulfill your wishes.

During my studies Sports, Management & Business, I learned a lot about marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. Thanks to this knowledge and my creativity, I know how to capture your business in such a way that your customer understands and feels your story through the picture. I know how to sell your business story through my lens.

It is important to me that we can work as a team to create something beautiful together. Your ideas are the foundation of our work. I use photography as a way to tell your story. Every photo I take will connect to that unique feeling and story behind it. 

Because Sher Takes Care,