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My story

hi there, it's sher!

My name is actually Sherine, but for most people that turns out to be quite difficult to remember, so Sher it is! Also a nice bridge to my company name Sher Takes Care. In my company name you will also find my most important core value: taking care of others and not forgetting myself. Not just being there for someone else, but being there before they need me. I like to think ahead, very useful for many things but sometimes the art of leaving things to someone else keeps the balance!

A real adventurer, preferably always outdoors and in connection with the people around me. From running around in the woods to beautiful conversations where we get to know each other better. With me you never get bored. 

'As a storytelling photographer, it's about the real story, the connection that lies behind your story.'

My style is documentary/storytelling, atmospheric, pure and with a warm tone.


Why do I prefer to always be outside? For me, nature has a connecting factor with myself but also with others because of that very fact. We live much more in the moment when we make that connection. That's why I prefer to do my shoots outdoors. 

Besides living as a full-time photographer, I go on adventures to discover beautiful new places whenever I can. Because that's what makes my photographers heart bounce. About six years ago the beautiful journeys started, from graduating in Barcelona, a camper trip in New Zealand, traveling through Colombia, backpacking in Southeast Asia to being a mountain guide in the Balkans (Montenegro, Albania & Kosovo). All adventures I could not relive without my camera as I do now. Another amazing adventure with my boyfriend Gijs happend at the beginning of 2023. We went to South America for three months. Enjoying life, nature and culture. We've got really inspired. And my camera, she was with us! 



Sher in film edition


'Sharing adventures with you is what I love most'

Gijs & Sher

Even though we differ in a lot of ways, the most important ones correspond to each other. We share the same dreams, love spending time with our friends and family, crazy about the outdoors and anything that involves physical activity. Oh, and crazy about each other of course!

What is the best way to get to know me? Exactly, some random facts about myself:


🔥 Let's get right to the point: I love campfires, this is where my own (insight)fire start.

🔥 Dogs, really all shapes and sizes. I always want to cuddle them and actually not let go. 

🔥 Vega lover! Yes yes for over a year now I have been eating vegetarian. The biggest reason: saving our planet! Which is way too beautiful to destroy.

🔥 Sing it baby! I dare to come out more and more, often still too scared. But once in a while on a special occasion I like to sing a song. 

🔥 Sharing, I love to share stories and adventures with others. For me, this is also why I started photographing. Being able to take someone into your story without that person actually being there. That's magical, isn't it?

🔥 Busy bee, as you read I am someone who likes to be busy. When I'm not photographing I might be hosting an event, chopping wood at a winter campsite or leading the way as a mountain guide. Diversity for me is the key to an adventurous life.

🔥 Sports, Management & Entrepreneurship. In the end, I was educated to be a sports manager and entrepreneur. I just traded sports for photography. Small difference, right?

🔥 Plants!! If it's possible, everywhere. My house is covered with all different types of plants. Some of them I already have for more than 10 years. I love to bring some nature inside.

Did you know?


My biggest dream:
'To create a place somewhere deep in nature, where everyone is allowed to be with herself and their dreams. Where photography is the instrument to connect.'

Will you make the connection?

"Sher is a creative entrepreneur who likes to think and move with her clients."



Sher is a creative entrepreneur who likes to think and move with her clients. A professional attitude combined with informal contact makes working together a pleasure! I, myself, am extremely happy with the photos for my garden design company FIKA and can't wait to show them to the world :)



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