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  • Sherine Zwaga

Make your Festival Wedding in the Netherlands unforgettable with these 6 fun games!

Looking for ways to make your festival wedding in the Netherlands even more special? Add a dose of fun and interaction to your big day with these fun games! As a wedding photographer in the Netherlands, I know that creating connections between guests is crucial for a successful event. These games provide interaction, competition, and conviviality during your reception, while I, as a photographer, capture all those precious moments. Discover below how you can elevate your wedding to the next level with these unique ideas!

een vriend van het bruidspaar die in de lucht springt na een spelletje jenga

A real festival wedding atmosphere with all these fun games!

1. Giant Jenga

Bring a classic game to a larger scale! Let your guests collaborate and strategize as they remove blocks from the tower and place them on top. A fantastic way to add some excitement to your celebration.

2. Sjoelen

A favorite game in the Netherlands that always brings joy. Let your guests showcase their shuffleboard skills as they try to slide the stones into the slots. Who will achieve the highest score?

twee dames van de trouwlocatie in Strijen schenken de champagne in voor het bruidspaar om te proosten

3. Twister

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your wedding with this classic game. Watch your guests laugh as they try to maintain their balance on the colorful playfield. A guaranteed hit for all ages!

4. Cornhole

A fun and challenging game that requires teamwork and precision. Test your guests' throwing skills as they attempt to toss the corn bags into the holes of the cornhole board. Who can score the most points?

twee jongetjes op een festival bruiloft laten de volwassen zien hoe jet het spelletje spijker slaan speelt

5. Hamering nails

Test the strength and accuracy of your guests with this traditional game. Give them a hammer and let them try to drive a nail into a piece of wood with as few strokes as possible. Who will be the nail-driving champion of your wedding?

6. Kubb

Bring a Scandinavian touch to your festival wedding with this intriguing game. Divide your guests into two teams and let them compete to knock down each other's kubbs with wooden sticks. A fantastic blend of strategy and skill!

Bonus for the kids at your wedding: Face painting!

And don't forget the little ones! Add an extra dose of fun to your wedding with face painting for the children. Let them transform into princesses, superheroes, or animals while they enjoy the festivities.

een jongetje is geschminkt op een festival bruiloft en wordt door de oppas vastgelegd met haar telefoon

With these fun games at your festival wedding, your guests can enjoy interaction, competition, and conviviality, while I, as a storytelling wedding photographer, capture all those precious moments. Curious about my way of working? Contact me, and let's get to know each other before we collaborate to make your day unforgettable!



de ouders van het bruidspaar hebben hun caravan op het kampeerterrein van de festival bruiloft geparkeerd


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