NS x Johnny Wonder STC

In need of new photos to give your website/social media a fresh look-and-feel? Don't hesitate to contact me, and let's see what I can do for your business!

I've helped many businesses to give them that extra sparkle. Make your customers happy and show them the best side of your business with new content. 

What is better than collecting emotions on special days, like an event or maybe your wedding?


These days you have to enjoy every moment to the fullest. There will be no time to take the photos yourself. So it's my turn to help you out and to make sure you wouldn't miss a single shot of the day.

I always say: "Everything is possible, let's create a beautiful day together!"

Pregnancy STC

I am really thankful I can capture small human beings or some who are not even born yet. I feel honored to make sure your little one(s) or your beautiful belly will be saved as a memory for ever. 

We can go to an outside location at the dunes, beach, woods or maybe your own house or garden will give us the perfect setting to take photos for a life time. 

Pregnancy STC

Maybe you are together for a few months or sharing your whole life already for 20 years with your loving family. When love is indestructible, I will challenge myself to capture your deepest connection. 

Take me to one of your favorite places where you feel truly loved or let me inspire you with one of my secrets spots. Somewhere where you feel free enough to let your love rise to a higher level of magic. 

STC love
STC love

My love for photography was born the first time I went traveling. The power of nature and different cultures is the perfect setting to create the most beautiful photos. 

Want to see the world in a different way? Look through my lens and get inspired to travel the world with me!

Interested in buying one of the photos to hang on your wall and take yourself on an adventure? Take a look at my webshop!

Vietnam STC

Ready for a new adventure? We all change in the years, so do our look and style as well. 

Make sure you present yourself the right way how you want to be and feel. I can help you to get some fresh portrait photos for your LinkedIn, website, CV, or any social media. 

Let's get a fresh look!